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Pastor Chris Ek

Our family left Illinois to begin our trip on Alayna’s third birthday, April 18th. We left from Rachelle’s parent’s house and it was a tear-filled goodbye. After our stop at Dunkin’ Donuts I did what every person wants to do at the beginning of a long trip, I put in a sermon for the family to listen to.
It was a message about the family given by best selling author Patrick Lencioni. Most of his books are business books, but his book The 3 Big Questions for Frantic Family is about family life. In the midst of this move Rachelle and I both knew that our closeness as a family would be critical to having a good start at Bethany and sustaining a long and fruitful ministry.
After listening to the sermon, we did the next thing every family wants to do on a long trip: talk about the sermon. And we spent time answering one of the three big questions: What makes our family unique? And after spending time on that ques-ion we talked about what would be most important in these next three months to get a strong start for our family in Connecticut. The past few months were the busiest of our marriage and we needed that time in the car to get focused and grounded again in what is most important.
Whatever your family looks like, whether it is a full house with kids running every-where or it is you in a single house-hold, spend some time on that question this week: What makes your family unique?

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I am hoping to build a Twitter network at church and have started my official Pastor Chris twitter feed. If you are on Twitter, let me begin to follow you and you follow me. I can be found at @pastorchrisBCC.