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“It is left unexplained how it is possible that one can rely on Christ for the next life without doing so for this one, trust him for one’s eternal destiny without trusting him for ‘the things that relate to Christian life.’ Is this really possible? Surely it is not! Not within one life.”
-Dallas Willard

August Sermon Series

One of the great messages of Jesus is that our life with himis not just in the future, but is to impact each moment of our life here on earth. Therefore, we seek to grow with God so that increasingly we may have the attitudes of Christ, make wise decisions, and love like Jesus did. Oftentimes the
growth of a Jesus-like pattern to our life takes time and involves changes to long held beliefs, attitudes, and actions.
The good news of Christ is that we can experience this type of transformation through him.
Think for a moment about the changes inside you since the beginning of summer until now. They may be dramatic or subtle. For our students and leaders who participated in The Hartford Project or CHIC we have seen some dramatic changes of focus and renewed purpose in life. For others of us, maybe the changes have been slower, maybe in a direction that is good for us or maybe in a direction that is not what God wants for us.

As this summer season begins to wind down we can take stock of what happened in our life with God in the past two months. How did I grow? How am I different? What is the growing edge in my life with God?
August Sermon Series
This August we are going to look back and talk about some of the events of this summer in a series called: “On My Summer Vacation I . . .”

  • On August 5th Pastor Diane will speak about: “On My Summer Vacation I Rested.” She will talk about the importance of rest and Sabbath and how they are instructed by God for our good.
  • The Olympics begin at the end of July and on August 12th Pastor Chris will do a talk called: “On My Summer Vacation I Watched the Olympics.” Read I Timothy 4:8-10 to prepare for that message.
  • Many of us spent time with family this summer. My hope is that those moments were good, but at times family can be challenging. On August 19th we will look at the one of the toughest family situations someone faced and how he grew in the midst of many broken family relationships in a message called: “On My Summer Vacation I Saw My family.” (Genesis 37-50)
  • Then on August 26th, Pastor Chris will explore the topics of transition, uncertainty, certainty and forward movement in a message called: “On My Summer Vacation I Moved.” (Exodus 13:34-42, Ecclesiastes 11:1-6)

I hope you can join us for all of August and remember if you miss a week, all our Sunday messages are available online.
Pastor Chris