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Pastor's Corner

Pastor’s Corner: On my winter vacation…

By January 11, 2013No Comments

By Pastor Christopher Ek, Senior Pastor

This summer I shared some of the early vacation and travel stories from our marriage. We had some rough moments including having to leave our honeymoon early because of a hurricane, breaking down in the middle of nowhere in Missouri, and pulling over in WI because a tornado was crossing in
front of us.

This year’s winter vacation brought its own trials. When we arrived in Illinois to see family, sicknesses including the cold, flu, fainting, and shingles were all present through the house.

After our 10-day visit, Rachelle and I were the only ones who didn’t get sick. I said jokingly at dinner one night that our next vacation would be to a hospital because people are healthier there. It didn’t receive the big laughs I was hoping for. Even though we were battling sickness we kept a busy schedule, seeing friends we had not seen a long time, visiting the church in Crystal Lake that I served out of Seminary, and continuing to workout at a local Crossfit Gym.

The last two days of our vacation were very relaxing and our trip home was going very smoothly. We were scheduled to arrive early until the jet bridge broke and they had to move the plane to a different gate. And now this morning (Wednesday) I am waiting with thoughts of Luke 15 to hear news about our lost luggage hoping it can be returned to us later today.

At this point I am ready to get back to the consistency, health, and relaxing schedule of being the Pastor at Bethany Covenant.

Beginning 2013
At the beginning of a New Year we all wonder what this New Year will have in store for us as individuals, families, and as a church. My hope for all of us is that it can be another year of growth in our “coming to life” in Jesus Christ. This is what we will focus on in our Sunday
morning sermons. This Sunday on “Why Sunday” we focus on our mission statement and how it will lead us into this next year. Next week we begin a new series called ‘House’ and focus on Joshua’s
famous declaration that he and his house will be about serving the Lord. We will look at how to build that type of home whether you belong to a big family or a family of one.

During Lent, our focus will shift to Prayer, Worship, and Bible reading. We know we are supposed to do those things, but how do they help us grow? We will talk about the dynamics that happen in and around us when we pray, worship and read the Bible that lead to growth.

Following our big celebration on Easter Sunday, we will look at specific lives that were changed after they met Jesus. Then in the fall we will study the greatest sermon ever given, the ‘Sermon on the
Mount.’ This sermon given by Jesus propels us into some of the most important and difficult dynamics of our lives and our culture.

I invite you to be in prayer for our shared ministry together in 2013.

God’s Blessings,
Pastor Chris