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Pastor's Corner

Pastor’s Corner: Take The Next Step

By February 28, 2013No Comments

We all need to be aware of the direction of our lives. We are never neutral and the people and items around us do not influence us in a neutral way. This quote is from M. Robert Mulholland Jr. speaks about how we are being spiritual formed.
“Human life is, by its very nature, spiritual formation. The question is not whether to undertake spiritual formation. The ques-tion is what kind of spiritual formation are we already engaged in? Are we being increas-ingly conformed to the brokenness and disinte-gration of the world, or are we being in-creasingly conformed to the wholeness and integration of the image of Christ?” M. Robert Mulholland Jr.
Lent is one of the moments of the year we assess the direction of our lives and are invited in a powerful way to pursue Christ. Lent comes from the Saxon word for the season of spring. After all our snow I am quickly getting ready for the first day of spring on March 20th, but chances are March 20th won’t feel like spring yet. Early spring is not nearly as beautiful as late spring. In early spring the ground is still hard, the snow still melting, the temperatures still chilly, the grass is still brown, the tress still don’t have leaves, and there is still the possibility of snow. The last day of spring this year is June 20th and by then the flowers will be growing, we will be mowing lawns, tem-peratures will be warm, the threat of snow will have passed, and we will be thinking of visits to the beach.

This is how I think of the season of Lent. At the beginning of Lent, there is work to be done in my life. My heart may be a bit muddy, my soul a bit cold, and the ground too hard to grow anything. But as I go through Lent and the opportunities Lent pro-vides, my hope is my soul and heart will begin to thaw and I will be more open to God, more open to scripture, and more open to prayer.
What are the places in your life that need to thaw?
In what part of your life have you intentionally ignored God’s leading?
Is there something destructive happening in your life you need help with?
This Lent at Bethany we want to see a thaw in each of our lives, a thaw that results in a new openness to God. On Sunday mornings we will focus on three major parts of our Life with God that are necessary for growth: prayer, scripture reading, and worship.
On Wednesday evenings you can participate in prayer seminars to learn new and different ways of praying.
Don’t let this season pass without seeing what new kind of life God may have in store for you.

Blessings, Pastor Chris