In the spirit of Christ-like care for one another, Bethany’s in-person worship services aim to follow all CDC recommendations and state guidelines for gatherings. In-person gatherings are contingent, of course, on the state of the COVID19 pandemic in our area.

Step 1: Reserve your space

Reservations allow us to safely seat as many people as possible in our sanctuary while observing physical distancing. Just like a stand-by flight, you are not guaranteed a seat if you don’t make a reservation.

A. To join us for in-person worship, please submit your reservation online (click the orange button above). If you are unable to use the website reservation form, you may call the church office (860.828.3637). Reservations must be completed by Thursday at 11:59PM (midnight).

B. You can find the online reservation link in the weekly email sent on Monday and on the church website homepage. 

Step 2: Prepare

Upon arrival at Bethany, please wear a mask over your nose and mouth at all times.

Your temperature will be taken before you enter the building.

The Check-In Table will be open beginning at 9AM. Service will be held at 9:30AMYou are encouraged to come early to check in and be seated by an usher. In nice weather, the outer doors will be propped open during arrival time. If the outer doors are closed, please allow the greeter to open the door for you. This limits the number of people touching the door handle. 

Please wait on the physically distanced floor markers to check in at the check-in table. If the lobby is full at that given moment, a greeter will ask you to wait momentarily on the sidewalk.

Step 3: Check In

Please give your last name to one of the volunteers at the check-in table. They will verify the number of people that you registered.

Step 4: Gather

Please wait on one of the physically distanced floor markers leading to the sanctuary until an usher approaches you.

The usher will ask for your last name, find your location on the pre-assigned seating chart, and show you to your seats.

Step 5: Depart

At the close of the service, please wait until an usher dismisses your row. 

Please proceed directly through the lobby to the parking lot. Please do not visit with others in the lobby area as it will quickly become too crowded to maintain physical distancing. 


*If you are not feeling well, present with a fever or any COVID19 symptoms listed by the CDC, please remain at home and continue to worship with us online. We look forward to you joining us when you are feeling better!

What if I need to use the restroom?

The plumbing is fixed and the upstairs restrooms are open. Due to the size and air ventilation, each restroom is limited to 2 people at a time. The only exception to this is immediate family members (i.e. a parent with two children). An usher will be present at the entrance to the restroom hallway to let you know if there is space for you to use the restroom at that moment. Due to confined space in the hallway, please wait by the library doors. If your family member is using the restroom, please wait in the parking lot (not the lobby area) for them.

What if I have kids?

At this time, we are not prepared to offer childcare. However, children are always welcome in the worship service!

What if I forget to make a reservation?

If you forget to make a reservation, you may still come to the church Sunday morning. However, you will need to inquire at the check-in table if there is space available for you to attend in-person that day. The check-in volunteer will ask you to wait while they verify with the ushers and the seating chart if there is space for you and your party. We will do everything we can to accommodate you, but seating is limited and therefore is first-come, first-serve based on reservations made. We cannot guarantee you a seat without a reservation. You may also always join us for online worship which will continue to be offered every Sunday by 9AM. 

Why can’t we sing or listen to other musicians sing? 

Due to more forceful propulsion of respiratory droplets (compared to regular speaking), the state of CT “strongly recommends that Houses of Worship consider alternatives to singing. Singing during services creates a high risk of spreading infectious particles.” As such, for the moment, sung music will be continued online only. We encourage you to enjoy the worship music videos at home and to sing with joy and gusto!

What if I can’t or don’t want to wear a mask?

The CDC reminds us that masks are not to protect us (the wearer): “Masks are meant to protect other people in case the wearer is unknowingly infected but does not have symptoms.” Additionally, the state of CT continues to require wearing masks at all indoor gatherings. With a desire to love and serve each other then, we require everyone to wear a mask at this time. If you are unable to or don’t desire to wear a mask, we encourage you to continue to participate in our online worship service.