Classes, Bible Studies and Small Group for adults
Formation Classes are Sunday Mornings, 11:00am
Other groups, studies, and classes meet as noted throughout the week

Sundays at 11:00am
Led by Darren Volpe

The Old Testament is rich with prophecies of the Messiah. We will study the fascinating ways in which God revealed Jesus coming as our Savior from sin, and as our King who will finally bring perfect peace and justice. We will read the prophecies in the Old Testament, discuss their historical context, then read their exact fulfillment in the New Testament. Each class, we will discuss how this understanding of God’s plan gives us amazing hope and joy in every possible situation in our lives today. All are welcome, wherever you are in your faith journey.

Sundays at 11:00am
Led by Jessica Carter

We’re studying Christ’s identity and roles as revealed in the Book of Hebrews. Most of us know of Christ as the Son of God and as the Second Person of the Godhead, but there is much more to learn about the meaning of His life, ministry, death, and resurrection. Join us as we increase our knowledge of Christ and our understanding of God’s plan for His creation. If you can’t join us for all the classes, feel free to stop in anytime!

Sundays at 11:00am
Led by Pastor Rob Satterberg and Jeff Simmons

If you are new to the Christian faith or are just curious about what following Christ is all about, the CASKET-EMPTY is for you. This class examines and explains God’s redemption work through the Old and New Testaments using the book series CASKET (Old Testament) and EMPTY (New Testament) as well as God’s word.

Wednesdays at 6:00pm
Led by Jessica Carter

We gather to praise God, to pray for our church, its mission and ministries, for individual needs, and for our community and world.

Wednesdays at 6:30pm
Led by Darren Volpe and Jeff Simmons

We are currently working our way through the Bible, one book at a time. Come for deep teaching, close fellowship, and helpful application!