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Please enter your faith-based financial commitment for Bethany for the entire 2023 year. The form includes an opportunity to support the GENERAL OPERATING BUDGET which supports the ongoing operations and ministries of our church. The 2023 General Operating Budget will include a category for paying our recently refinanced loan and also for funding our newly established, capital savings reserve for ongoing major repairs in the future. This is not a contract, but a personal commitment that you can only accomplish with the Lord’s help. Thank you, God, in advance, for what You will do in our lives and in the life of Bethany Covenant Church. It’s most helpful for us for you to use this form on or before Commitment Sunday, which is November 20, 2022. Your financial gifts are confidential and will only be reviewed by our Financial Secretary.

Please note that in the form, your commitment should equal the TOTAL AMOUNT you plan to contribute over the next year.

Click Here to Make a Commitment

Giving at Bethany

How to Give

At Bethany, we believe that giving is an act of worship. All belongs to God, who gives to us freely and generously. Giving our tithes and offerings help us to practice generosity; in doing so, we invest in what God is doing in and through the local Church, both here in Central Connecticut and beyond, to the whole world.

Contributions can also be given in person on Sunday mornings and throughout the week at our church office, or may be sent in by mail to:

Bethany Covenant Church
785 Mill St.
Berlin, CT 06037

What does Bethany believe about money?

We believe that money is a resource to accomplish God’s mission through us of inviting people to know God, inspiring people to follow Jesus, and involving people to serve our neighbors, both near and far.

Where does Bethany get its money?

It is the financial generosity of members and friends of our congregation that support God’s work in and through Bethany. Our support comes from tithes (giving 10% of one’s earnings) and other such contributions from those who attend Bethany.

Where do my donations to Bethany go?

Donations to Bethany support the General Operating Budget. These funds make possible the ongoing ministries and services of the church, as well as pay for major repairs to our church facility.

Is giving weekly preferred over monthly?

No, but giving on a consistent basis is important. Many pledges are not fulfilled at regular intervals over the course of the year due to sporadic attendance occasioned by busy schedules, illnesses, vacations, and the like. The church’s needs, however, are steady. A consistent giving pattern is important.

If I cannot give financially or want to do more than give, how else can I help?

Just as your financial contributions are important, so too are your prayers and the tithing of your time and talents. See one of our pastors for more ways you can serve.

Does my contribution matter?

Yes, it is important that everyone participate and contribute, regardless of the amount - we are all in this together!

Give online with You can set your giving at regular intervals, or you can give a one-time gift. If you are unfamiliar with online giving, below is an instructional video on how to give using this helpful tool.

You can also support Bethany when you shop on through the Amazon Smile Program. On a web browser, simply bookmark and choose Bethany Covenant Church-Berlin CT as your charity to support. That way, we receive a donation from Amazon when you purchase through the smile program.

AmazonSmile customers can now also support Bethany Covenant Church-Berlin CT in the Amazon shopping app on iOS and Android mobile phones! Simply follow these instructions to turn on AmazonSmile and start generating donations.

  1. Open the Amazon Shopping app on your device
  2. Go into the main menu of the Amazon Shopping app and tap into ‘Settings’
  3. Tap ‘AmazonSmile’ and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process